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The republican majority in the Missouri General Assembly considers that a feature, not a bug.

The money for Governor Mike Parson’s (r) special session permanent revenue reduction will come out of general revenue. Among the first cuts in “discretionary” funding when the state budget inevitably falls short will be Missouri’s state universities.

Chris Kelly (D) [2014 file photo].

Today, from former state represenattive Chris Kelly (D):

Chris Kelly @repckelly
I have not heard anything from the State Universities about the proposed tax cut but it is going to be all General Revenue and is, at least, going to be $750 million, maybe twice that and will come directly out of their budgets.
Think what that means for the economy of Maryville.
11:55 AM · Sep 6, 2022

Chris Kelly @repckelly
Once upon a time Columbia, Missouri had newspaper reporters who would ask the University questions about serious Budget issues. I am just positive that U Hall is happy those days are in the past.
11:59 AM · Sep 6, 2022

The conversation:

I think it is incredibly frightening what this tax cut will mean for our state.

Chris Kelly @repckelly
Frightening or not, it is real news about a policy event that will have real consequences. I am astonished that nobody is covering it.
1:03 PM · Sep 6, 2022

So am I.

The goal might be to close state universities without football programs (St. Louis and Kansas City).

Chris Kelly @repckelly
That would require far more analysis than has been put into this plan.
1:56 PM · Sep 6, 2022

They aren’t commenting because of fear of retaliation. This is a very vindictive Governor and legislature.

Chris Kelly @repckelly
Consider the position of Dr. Mun Choi, President of the University of Missouri. Pres Choi has built a solid reputation based largely upon his ability to get along with the Republicans in Jefferson City. They are touting a tax cut that will harm the University. What will he do?
3:55 PM · Sep 6, 2022

Chris Kelly (D) served on the House Budget Committee during several legislative sessions.

Mike Parson (r) [August 2022 file photo}.