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We took a short road trip to the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia this morning. The fair closes on Sunday.

Eastbound to the fair on 50 Highway:

Publicity photos at the fair entrance:

Judging, we think:

In the Home Economics Building:


Rabbits! There’s a building filled with rabbits during the second week of the fair:

Fast food, sometimes on a stick:

The republican tent:

We didn’t look to closely, but there didn’t appear to be a shrine to the former guy.

The Libertarians. I always expect their tent to be located in the middle of field somewhere since they’re usually not too keen on spending money on public infrastructure:

Go figure.

Westbound from the fair on Highway 50:


“Our state fair is a great state fair…” (August 15, 2022)

Governor’s Ham Breakfast – Missouri State Fair – August 18, 2022 (August 18, 2022)

A blue gingham shirt (August 18, 2022)