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Today at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C221822 07/30/2022 Conservative Leadership for Missouri PAC Missouri Forward PAC PO Box 2112 Jefferson City MO 65102 7/30/2022 $90,000.00

[emphasis added]

What on earth for?

Mail. A lot of mail. Who paid?:

For what candidates?:

Thumb on the scale, eh? The candidates the 26th Senate District:

State Senator – District 26
Name Mailing Address Random Number Date Filed

Nate Tate PO BOX 22 ST CLAIR MO 63077 676 2/22/2022

Ben Brown PO BOX 1521 WASHINGTON MO 63090 897 2/22/2022

Bob Jones 837 BELLERIVE PL WASHINGTON MO 63090 3/1/2022

Merry-Noella Skaggs 820 AVERYDALE RD PACIFIC MO 63069 3/29/2022

Jason Franklin 25667 PENDLETON FOREST RD WARRENTON MO 63383 3/29/2022

Name Mailing Address Random Number Date Filed

John Kiehne PO BOX 1 PACIFIC MO 63069 3/25/2022

Bob Jones (r) appears to be the annointed right wingnut:

…Life is the greatest gift. I will advocate for policies that respect the value of life from the moment of conception until natural death….

…Our children and grandchildren are the future, and their future depends upon a quality education. As a former educator, I understand that a one-size fits all approach does not work, and I will work to ensure that all of our students have access to a quality education….

…Whether for sport or protection, I strongly support your 2nd Amendment rights. I will work to push back against the Biden-Harris efforts to strip you of your Constitutional rights…

…The government does not need to be as costly or as difficult as it is. Just like you and I, our government must learn to live within its means. Also, elected officials and bureaucrats need to remember that they work for the taxpayer, so they should not make simple tasks nearly impossible with regulation and red tape…

…A good investment is worth protecting. Our state’s infrastructure is one of our greatest assets, and we must commit to maintaining and improving it…

Ben Brown (r), not so much:

…Ben Brown believes the primary role of government is to secure the rights of its people. His agenda centers upon restoring government to its intended role as well as advancing the principles of individual rights, limited government and free markets. Brown believes one of the top areas of concern right now is reforming emergency powers granted to local governments to ensure that religious freedom, parental rights, ability to safely conduct business, freedom to assemble and other constitutionally guaranteed rights are never infringed upon. Brown would also look to create safeguards to prevent the unconstitutional infringement of rights by the Federal government and other sources in the future…

Nate Tate (r), Merry-Noella Skaggs (r), and Jason Franklin (r) are probably feeling all that grassroots momentum about now…