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They must truly believe we’re all stoopit.

John Wood [still from campaign video].

John Wood:


Our choices must be better than two politicians, one who resigned in disgrace from his last job after blackmailing his mistress- and who has since been credibly accused of abusing his wife and child. The other will be a rubber-stamp for Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer’s radical, progressive agenda that is out-of-touch with the values of Missourians.

I’m running for the United States Senate because Missouri voters deserve better than the extreme choices currently being offered by the two parties in this race.


Eric Schmitt (r), Billy Long (r), Vicky Hartzler (r), and a whole host of other republican candidates would like a word.

Affordable access to health care? Equal access to educational opportunities? Bodily autonomy? Investment in public infrastructure?

We looked over John Wood’s campaign website. Nothing on issues. Nothing. Zip. Zero.

It is then a matter of the company one keeps.


John previously served as Chief of Staff for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security where he assisted and advised former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff on a broad range of matters, including terrorism, intelligence, preparedness, border security, immigration, law enforcement, and management issues.

John has held several high-level positions at the Department of Justice and in the White House, including Deputy Associate Attorney General and Counselor to Attorney General John D. Ashcroft and White House Deputy General Counsel for the Office of Management & Budget.

John is a former clerk for both U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and U.S. Court of Appeals Judge J. Michael Luttig. Prior to law school, he worked on the staff of U.S. Senator John C. Danforth of Missouri.

John Ashcroft, Michael Chertoff, Clarence Thomas, and Michael Luttig aren’t considered “moderates” in anyone’s book. John Danforth (r) doesn’t have a particularly impressive record when it comes to endorsements. Why should we listen now?

In 2011, before Josh Hawley (r):

[….]…Question: Do you have any regrets in terms of your career and, if so, what’s your biggest one?

John Danforth: Do I have any regrets? Uh [laugh], I, uh, my net, net answer is I do not. I mean, I really enjoyed being in public office and I hope I did a good job at it. I, I know that I enjoyed it. Are there, are there votes that I took or issues that I championed at the time that, looking back on it from a little bit of distance, I ask myself, why did I do that? Yeah, you know. I mean, I, I’m not, I could, I want to bore you with all, with, with some of them, but, are there issues where if I had to do it over again I would have done it differently? Yeah, sure. But, do I really have regrets about it? No, I don’t. I, I really don’t. But, I, I really enjoyed it and I hope I did well. [applause]


Apparently John Danforth (r) wants all of us to believe that the third time is the charm.