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“…The FDA is investigating complaints of four infant illnesses from three states. All four cases related to these complaints were hospitalized and Cronobacter may have contributed to a death in one case. The FDA has initiated an onsite inspection at the facility. Findings to date include several positive Cronobacter sakazakii results from environmental samples taken by the FDA and adverse inspectional observations by the FDA investigators. A review of the firm’s internal records also indicate environmental contamination with Cronobacter sakazakii and the firm’s destruction of product due to the presence of Cronobacter…” (February 17, 2022)

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Has Biden explored using the Defense Production Act to reopen the formula plant his FDA closed, or is he going to continue to just sit around
10:20 AM · May 12, 2022


Some of the responses:

When bacteria is found, production stops, everything there is thrown out, sanitized, then re inspected to make sure there’s no trace of it left. Then production can start again, and all of this is a long process. Don’t endanger our babies!

For right wingnuts “pro-life” ends right after birth.

The plant was shut down because they were putting out contaminated formula and lying to the FDA about it. Instead of upgrading dated and failing equipment, the company issued stock buy-backs. But why let a few facts get in your way??

So you want to produce contaminated baby formula? So much for being pro life.

We don’t want tainted baby formula. Could you explain why the plant was closed by the FDA?

So you want them to reopen before making the necessary repairs so MORE babies don’t die? Doesn’t seem very “pro-life” to me…

The Senator is admitting capitalism can’t fix this problem – he wants government to control the production

That’s socialism, right Senator?

“Joe Biden isn’t making baby formula! I feel anxiety!” [….]

They. Literally. Discovered. A. Dangerous. Pathogen. That. Killed. Newborns. At. The. Plant.

“The most dangerous place to stand in Washington D.C. is any place between Senator Josh Hawley and a live microphone” – Charles P. Pierce

The plant’s problems killed multiple babies. It can’t just be “reopened.” Formula production doesnt work that way. The problem leading to contamination must be found and fixed, which takes time. Looking for political points by deceiving about why the plant was closed. Disgusting.

Are you missing your formula for lunch?

1/ So you’re saying that a plant which responsibly recalled bacteria-contaminated formula that had already killed two babies (you know, those creatures you don’t care about after they’re born) should be re-opened so that they can produce more contaminated formula?

Yeah, if a private company wants to sell contaminated products that kill babies, why should government intervene? What’s a few babies?

You want to feed American babies tainted formula, Josh?

They resolved their issues and responded to the 483 on Apr 8, & it takes 10-16 weeks to make formula. They got permission to restart limited protection on May 11th.

Maybe keep up, and next time don’t cut FDA’s budget so they can’t inspect like they should.

Awwe, is little baby Joshy needing his baby formula?

The plant is closed due to bacterial contamination that killed babies. That has to be cleared out and corrected so more babies aren’t killed. But then again you think a politician using his sister’s address in MO makes him a resident.

Why would you want babies to drink contaminated formula that could kill them?

Sure, immediately reopen a production facility that was turning out tainted baby food that killed two infants before the source of the contamination can be identified and dealt with, right?

Sit back and let the rational, sensible adults handle the situation, okay.

So you wanted them to keep making contaminated baby formula?

Why do you want newborns to die, Josh?

“Party of life…”
Until they’re born and then whatever.

Capitalism fails again. Let’s blame Biden.

U S. Senator posits tainted formula is better than no formula at all.

You want the government to force a company to produce contaminated baby formula, did I get that right?

you really thought you did somethin here huh dude



Why was it closed, Josh.

Why was the formula plant closed by the FDA, Josh.

C’mon, bud, I know thinking doesn’t get Republicans elected, but you can figure this one out, Josh.

“Dear America, Sorry about Josh Hawley, Sincerely, Missouri”

This guy is actually a Senator? Crazy

Let’s hear it for Yale Law School, folks

Billions in stock buy backs.

That’s what the babies really deserved.

Last time I heard, it was OUR FDA, not Bidens .. . it works for all of usl

Do you understand why the FDA had to close a plant that produced toxic babyformula? If not, ask an adult around you to help.

Tell me you don’t understand the problem, or how the government works, without saying you don’t understand the problem, or how the government works.