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Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
I’m going to Washington to dismantle the Administrative State. [….]
9:29 PM · Apr 11, 2022

He envisions a true libertarian paradise.

Some of the responses:

Does this mean the end of Social Security, Medicare, FEMA, NOAA, CDC, etc? Please give us examples.

Translation: I want the current flock of the trump cult to pay me a hefty salary to strip everyone’s life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness away from them all while calling it saving their freedom and I get to become a millionaire.

It obviously won’t be as a senator…

You’re not doing your job as an Attorney General, so why should we believe you’ll do your job as a senator?

Polls suggest you’ll be staying here in MO, which will give you another chance to actually do your job.

You can’t dismantle an ikea bookshelf

You can’t dismantle the symbolism in a children’s book.

#Missouri needs someone that governs. Another performer isn’t needed.

20 bucks says he ends up disrobing the Nanny State instead.

Wrong Eric (r)?

Campaign supplies.

Be sure to make an appointment because you won’t have an office there.

That’s not what people want.

Do you want to get rid of Social Security and Medicare. Got it!

You’re not going anywhere.

Then you are going to Washington to fire yourself?

So you want a job that you have no idea of what your actual constitutional responsibilities are?

Congratulations! You meet the minimum standards for a GOP candidate.

You don’t even do your current job, so why would we send you to D.C. to not do that job?

How Steve Bannon-ish of you.

Nah. No you’re not

Typical post policy Republican bullshit, you’ve mastered it Eric, unfortunately for our state and country divisive rhetoric does nothing but divide. You cannot run on policy because you have no personal opinion on how to create law or policy to improve the lives of anyone

Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].


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