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Today in Franklin County, Missouri:

Someone should tell them.

Some of the responses:

Free food in a public park…

I can only assume you people have no intention of drawing social security or Medicare. After all, Ronald Reagan called that socialism. Also Washington is in Franklin County. Was Frontier Park booked full?

Is this a joke?

Seriously our roads and bridges are crumbling in Missouri. We need to tax the rich and corporations more for much needed repairs. Washington just got a new bridge paid for by taxes.

Are these people saying to raise taxes on middle income families?

If you want to find the rube you lost, find it here!

What a waste of time and a public resource.

Read the tweets from St. Charles Co Parents Asso. Wow…

Sounds like a serious Christo-Fascism bent goin’ on there.

They should home school their spreadneck kids.

Such an embarrassment to Missouri.

Will Mitch McConnell be there too? I love his speech about the damn socialist liberals creating a dependency culture.

Please define socialism so these idiots know what they are rallying against, then strip them of any federal assistance they may get including Medicare/Medicaid.

But, but, it’s a free BBQ lunch.