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Does any serious person see any reasonable scenario where the Unites States of America initiates a first strike against the People’s Republic of China? Whatever anyone says to any other person about the possibility, it’s not going to happen. Ever. It would be the stupidest possible move in the entirety of human history. If I have to explain it to you, you’re an idiot.

Vicky Hartzler (r) [2021 file photo].

Yesterday. from Vicky Hartzler (r):

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
General Milley telling China — our top adversary — that he would warn them if America was planning to attack is worthy of his resignation.
11:19 AM · Sep 29, 2021

The people who should resign are the ones who think the implied scope here of an attack on China by the United States would result in anything other than a disaster for everyone. Everyone.


Some of the responses, with plenty of hilarity:

Not really.

Representatives Hartzler, Jordan & Gaetz 2019 breaking into a classified level secure facility at the Capitol compromised national security, tested Cap Police & is worthy of their resignations. [….]

Not a hypothetical.

Way to misrepresent what he said.


I don’t agree with your assessment

Wildly out of context.

Stop ypur gaslighting

Right now we are peaceful w/China on many levels, not perfect, but amicable. Gen. Milley worked within the latitude of his responsibilities during a time of crisis to ensure that the uneasy peace we have was maintained and communicated so. Now just where were you on the 6th eh?

You’re an embarrassment. A sedationist who sought to help overturn a free and fair election asking a 4 star General to resign
You should resign

So, you think the US should be surprise attacking one of the other nuclear capable countries on the planet without Congressional approval?

Really Vicky? Do you ever do your, you know, job?

His words were spoken in the presence of numerous administration officials. None of them called for his resignation. Trump didn’t even call for his resignation. Clearly, averting a war is something you think is a bad thing.

Oh Vicki you’re such a disingenuous shrew.

Why are you such a big fan of nuclear war? And how on earth can you still call yourself “pro-life”?

Get a grip and quit playing stupid political games about issues so serious.

You embarrassed yourself today

This is outrageously out of context and you know it. You should resign

Your statement is totally out of context. Thanks for including the clip though. We can see for ourselves that you’re lying.

Why tell your constituents a lie? He said specifically that he would not tell any enemy operational details or inform them in advance of an action. Do MO a favor and resign yourself. Ike Skelton must be rolling in his grave having been followed by such incompetence.

You’re a republican crisis actor, a problem looking for a solution, a bandwagoneer. Just another GQP looking for moment to get your talking point out. If he had said, “Coyote caught the Roadrunner.” You would have still said to resign. You were nervous saying it [….]

So, you’re clueless. Another pathetic “leader” doing all she can to misinform her constituents. Trash.

You are an ignorant partisan hack who should resign. Going after those who take their oaths of office seriously, tell the truth, & believe in the Constitution is not acceptable to you. You & many of your colleagues couldn’t pass a high school civics exam.

Hey look! Another prime example of my home state electing a completely ignorant person, with no credible knowledge or experience on anything political, to a major office. What a fucking moron

God you’re a fuckin moron

Are you insane? Do you really not understand how national security works? The American people need to be demanding your resignation on the basis of gross incompetency.

Your mock indignation seems pretty resignation worthy itself, actually. You’re just as pathetic as the rest of the republicans. Do your job, or shut up. Careful you don’t hurt yourself clutching your pearls… I’m sure Ms. Collins can give you some lessons…

Actually, you being a moron is worthy of your resignation.

No it is not you fool…you are just another intellectually challenged @GOP obstructionist

Do us all a favor and you should resign.

You should be embarrassed, you have no grasp on what he actually said otherwise you would not be tweeting this out for the entire world to see what an imbecile you truly are. You should resign.

You’re a dangerous partisan hack

You’re an embarrassment.#idiot

That’s not what General Milley said at all. It’s very disturbing that after 2 days of testimony you either are too braindamage to get this or are trying to lie and gaslight us. You’re a sick sad pathetic embarrassment to Congress and our country and a grandstanding loser.

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…


Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r): the black helicopters will be dropping microchip infested toasters on us (April 8, 2012)