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Uh, no.

During the latest regular legislative session the right wingnut controlled Missouri General Assembly failed to continue the legislation enabling the previously non-controversial Federal Reimbursement Allowance [FRA] program for Missouri.

There is a looming deadline for legislation to implement the program before it impacts Medicaid and forces cuts in other general revenue funded areas.

Governor Mike Parson (r) called a special session of the General Assembly in attempt to deal with the mess. The General Assembly is now in that special session.

The Red Lily, Anatole France

…For the poor it consists in sustaining and preserving the wealthy in their power and their laziness. The poor must work for this, in presence of the majestic quality of the law which prohibits the wealthy as well as the poor from sleeping under the bridges, from begging in the streets, and from stealing bread…

Representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman (r) [2019 file photo].


MaryElizabethColeman @meaccoleman
For the record. No one is talking about banning contraception. There is discussion about tax payers NOT buying them. I can’t imagine there is anything the left doesn’t want the government to pay for.
10:26 AM · Jun 25, 2021

Some of the responses:

For the record, you cannot stop the Government from paying for healthcare, including Birth Control. This is all a scam on pro life voters.
Also for the record, birth control, by far, the best way to prevent abortions & is extremely cost effective for the gov’t; saves huge $$.

Birth control is a mandatory medical service under Mo Health net, as funded by Federal Medicaid $$.

What’s next? Republicans decide taxpayers shouldn’t pay for insulin? Blood pressure meds? Where does this stop?

Actually, they want nothing at all.

What’s next is other meds/conditions that only impact women. The goal is to subjugate women. No medical necessary hysterectomies, no mammograms, no Pap smears. Republicans will keep trying to control women.

For the record, it’s just that we understand basic economics: Birth control is cheaper than unplanned kids.

How does “only” banning it for people only on Medicaid make what you’re saying any better?

You want taxpayers to shoulder the burden of lawsuits that will arise when police in our state try to enforce federal gun laws, get sued for it, and then sue the state in return.

Likewise, your contempt for most life is readily apparent in your desire to milk as many pregnancies out of low-income women as possible and then callously ignore the healthcare needs of both them and their babies. Single moms can only make $3000 to qualify for Medicaid as is 1/2

2/2 and you would deny them even that unless your bizarre and unfounded grudge against contraception is made into a law that will never be viable anyway. You are running for State Senate on phony pro-life gesturing.

For the record the issue is the RIGHT trying to remove common medical care coverage in place for decades essentially banning covered contraceptive care & medication used to treat endometriosis. I can’t imagine there’s any reproductive healthcare the RIGHT would willingly pay for.

Every single study shows the countries with the fewest abortions are those that provide taxpayer funded healthcare with a broad range of contraceptive options. You’re anti-abortion? Covering contraceptives & providing great pre-natal care is the way to achieve this.

Meanwhile, we are NOW, because of the obstinance of THE RIGHT, talking about no Medicaid coverage at all. Who does that hurt? Mother’s, children, and you know what? It hurts YOU the taxpayer. Missouri insurance plans go up. Hospital bills go up. Our tax $ doesn’t go as far.

So, Mary Elizabeth, don’t even begin to come at THE LEFT when 89% of all Americans approves of birth control, even Catholics use birth control, and the taxpayers at large are THRILLED to pay this fractional amount to cover this form of healthcare.

Birth control is healthcare. I pay for yours if you choose/need so. And I don’t quibble over what’s covered or not. Same for someone on Medicaid. Every woman deserves that right to make those healthcare decisions.

Mary doesn’t want to share that she and her family want full access to all of these services and privacy to make those decisions but ultimately her goal is to take that right from Missouri women. We see your long game Coleman and we call BS.

Also I can pretty much guarantee that “the left” doesn’t want a single penny of Missouri revenue going to make the state a theocracy

Nice try. When you can’t afford something, you can’t access it. It’s a ban on contraception. Your party needs to stop treating Americans like dumb-dumbs.

This logic she is playing here is absolutely dangerous. Coleman knows better. This logic can be used as to ban other medical options and treatment plans. This is not limited government. This is a violation of people’s freedom to a safe and healthy life.

You’re an embarrassment

For the record you are narrow minded and short sighted.


Now what? (June 22, 2021)