This morning in west central Missouri:

The town where I live has around 15,000 people. There are approximately 53,000 in the county.

Yesterday we made the New York Times list of COVID-19 hotspots in the nation. We’re No. 1.

At midnight Monday our county returned to a mandatory mask order, after over a month off. Last week the county community health board voted to reinstate the mandate. They reportedly received threats.

Yesterday was a state and federal holiday. Before this year we would commemorate this particular holiday by wandering around lost in our local grocery store looking for spices.

Saundra McDowell (r), yesterday, at an anti-mask protest near Johnson County Community Health in Warrensburg:

The video is sad, in a hysterically funny sort of way. Go look it up if you’re curious.

Again, yesterday was a federal and state holiday. The Johnson County Community Health office was closed.

21 days.


What fresh Hell awaits us all this morning? (October 12, 2020)