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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Thank the Lord the SEC brought back football #MIZ
3:05 PM · Oct 10, 2020

Some of the responses:

The Lord has been busy: having the SEC have football and gifting Trump covid-19. Was He so busy that he forgot about you to get it? If I don’t believe the Lord cares about football, does that make me a religious bigot?

Too bad the Lord didn’t save the 210,000 people that got the Coronavirus because of the GOP’s ineptitude.

But sure, MIZ!

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Fuck 216,000 American citizens but yay football.

Yes! That’s a big win for Jesus! I guess LSU football players have lost favor with God. Of course, that first week loss by Mizzou… not sure how all this plays into the Lord’s divine plan to make Trump our overlord and sovriegn of Christensom. Ask the Proud Boys or Qanon?

Says the Stanford & Yale guy who left Missouri the first chance he got and never came back until he started his political career.

So glad the Lord took a quick break from killing 200K+ Americans so he could help Mizzou win a football game.

You went to Stanford Josh

Yes, football is EXACTLY what concerns my family the most. thanks for making that your top priority, Josh!!!!

Surprised you didn’t thank your orange lord.

College football is what you thank God for? Surprised you could think about anything but your theft of the SCOTUS.

Between all the hate and division in the country, along with the deaths of over 200,000 people in our country alone at the hand of trump and his puppets, I am sure God’s top priority was bringing football back.

Thank the Lord we know your priorities are football first, and suffering Missourians second. Thanks for clearing that up for us. From KMOV: Missouri reached 141,942 cases on Friday. At least 2,409 people have died across the state during the outbreak. #GOPHypocrisy Damn Pharisee.

Yeah, thank the lord. Could you imagine a world where the lord didn’t bring back the sec?It looks like a world where there are still 210,000 dead Americans because of Republican inaction,but there isn’t college football.That would be a terrible world. Lucky we got this world.

Haven’t killed enough of us yet, Hawley?

You have a very very small god, Joshie.

Lol, that’s what you are thankful for?

Wow. You have the tiniest conception of a deity that I’ve ever seen: someone who doesn’t care about His clergy being gassed out of their place of worship so a corrupt criminal racist rapist can hold an impious photo op, but who cares about your personal enjoyment of sports.

Your sky god has nothing to do with football, #heehawley…

Hi, Josh, are you pretending to be an MU fan or just couldn’t resist being a feckless twit?

No one gives a …. about SEC football.

How about stop trying to overturn the ACA?

Is that why over 212,000 Americans are dead because all you so called Christians were praying that your GOD bring back SEC football instead?

You don’t know shit about football

You embarrass true Christians by thinking the Lord cares about SEC football. He’s so much more concerned about caring for his flock. You are an embarrassment to Yale Law, Missouri and Christianity.

Did you wear your red and blue plaid shirt while you watched the game?

lololol jk no way did you watch the game you ridiculous fraud

The Lord had nothing to do with it you fake