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Always behind, always with a painfully wrong take.

This morning, from Josh Hawley (r):

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Waiting for @JoeBiden and the Democrats to fully and unequivocally condemn the rioting and murder in Kenosha. More and more the Marxist “social revolution” Left appears to be in control of the Democratic Party
10:14 AM · Aug 26, 2020

As always, the responses:

A white guy crossed state lines with an high powered rifle, murdered two people and tried to kill a third. And then bragged about it.

Did you ever at any time in the past actually respect the law?

Joe Biden has in fact condemned the rioting and looting in our country. If you don’t believe me, here is proof. Stop with your stupid lies. [….]

Hawley doesn’t care about facts, let alone reality. He and @GOP have emboldened (and refuse to condemn) domestic terrorists like Kyle Rittenhouse, because they are the party of white supremacy. Period.

So police can just shoot anyone and you’re ok with it, got it

Well, I doubt he agrees with “anyone” probably more like any black man.

A white vigilante killed two people last night in Kenosha. Why aren’t you denouncing him?

A man shot in the back. People react with outrage. You say caring about not being killed is “Marism.” Protesters shot by militia. Now,3 dead. Yet you stay silent and demand condemnation of the REACTION, not action.

What is it about the killers, compared to the victims? Hmmm…

So brave and bold of you to demand they condemn it a day after they condemned it. [….]

Hey, Josh. I was wondering what your thoughts were on the 17-year-old Blue Lives Matter who murdered multiple people in cold blood at the protests. You got thoughts on that?

It was a 17 year old white militia kid armed to the teeth who TRAVELED from Illinois and killed 2 protesters.

All while Rs are fear-mongering on tv about “people coming to your suburb” to harm you.

Have you said anything about the guy who had an AR-15 at age 17, and went across state lines to engage with his perceived enemies,Senator?

Hey Josh

Just checking in. Any statement yet?

Guess what. We found out who radicalized Kyle Ritterhouse.
Comments? Questions?

That’s just a lie – & you know it — Republican talking points – throw in the words Socialists & Marxists into every conversation as often as possible.
Why did a police officer shoot a man 7 times in the back – a black man – that is the conversation we should be having.

They did so BEFORE you asked!
But we are still waiting to see you condemn the vigilante who killed two unarmed protesters — a vigilante who was front row at Trump Iowa rally, and who epitomizes the gun-worshipping culture of the Trump administration. [….]

He already did.
Your turn.

The shooter, front rower at a Trump rally

Biden condemned it already.
Google his statement..

In fact Hawley, there is ANOTHER VIDEO of this same POS as, it appears, he shot, it looks like, a guy in the head outside the shop and then ran which leads to the next video of him shooting more people down the street.

THIS IS NOT A MARXIST, LEFTIST. He has been named.

Literally a Trump supporter.

Yup he is.

You know that the murderer was a right-wing fanatic, right? As with Heather Heyer’s killer.

The murderer was just named: Kyle Rittenhouse, a white supremacist from Illinois. I condemn him. Biden will condemn him. Many Democrats will condemn him. Will Trump? Will you?

Waiting for your swift condemnation of the out-of-state white supremacist who gunned down protesters…

And when will you condemn a 17 year old armed with an AR15 who took the law into his own hands and murdered 2 last night and injured several more?

and was allowed to do so by the cops

The murderer is a white supremacist and Trump supporter. Why does Biden or the dems have to condemn one of yours?

Who did the murder, Josh? Was it a BLM protestor or a teenage agitator?

I’ve had ice cream cones that aged better than this tweet.

Probably should have read first, Josh. They already did this.

While we have you here, any thoughts on the teenager who murdered people in the streets last night with the cooperation of the Kenosha police?

Waiting for people like you to say something about that 17-year-old who crossed state lines with a gun, killed two people, and went home even though the police were right there watching.

Here’s the terrorist who traveled from Illinois to Wisconsin…shot and killed 2 protestors.
So, Josh, condemn this!

Jacob Blake apparently showed up at that scene to help break up a fight. So how come the Kenosha PD shot him, instead of thanking him and giving him bottled water?

The murder was committed by a white supremacist. Why doesn’t the president denounce them?

The stochastic terrorist in the white house cheers this little white supremacists murderer on. He will probably pardon him.

Also, where is your full and unequivocal condemnation for the calls to action for militias to descend upon Kenosha with arms and live ammo?

A right-wing kid openly carrying a big-ass gun just killed people and you’re mad at … Joe Biden??? Bro that’s just evil.

Josh you’re an ass. As a Missourian I’m ashamed to have you as a Senator for MO. You know Joe will condemn the shooter’s actions. You also know Trump & the GOP won’t bc he was radicalized by your party. He made several posts that prove it. Trump will never acknowledge him. Shhh

Lawyer? You have a duty of candor. Try living it

I can’t think of anything foul enough to say to you after this tweet that won’t get me permanently kicked off of twitter.

Hey Josh, actual Missouri voter here – stop speaking for us.

When are you going to fully and unequivocally condemn the right-wing terrorist who murdered two people last night?

A white 17 year old who crossed state lines from IL to WI, carrying an AR-15 shot and killed people in Kenosha last night. He was NOT one of the protestors. Coming from IL to WI with a gun is not protecting your city. He came to kill people. And he was one of yours.

who did the murders, Josh

And on and on.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].