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Funny that.

This morning:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Still waiting to hear back from the Smithsonian on this absurd and offensive chart. I want to know who came up with it and who signed off on it. So far, crickets
6:57 AM · Jul 23, 2020

“…I want to know who came up with it…”

Uh, their name is listed as a source at the bottom.

A few of the comments:

Karen, the manager is busy.

Still waiting to hear back from @HawleyMO on tweets and calls to his office asking for his position on issues that impact Missourians. I want to know why a senator who ignores his constituents thinks he has any room to call others out. So far, crickets

I want Congress to act on Russian bounties on our military men & women. Still waiting on my Senator. So far, crickets.

Still waiting to hear back from you about doing town halls

Ask yourself why is this offensive to you? Why does it make you uncomfortable? Is this information inaccurate? What part of it is untrue?

Hi Josh, I’m a constituent and I still haven’t recieved my first stimulus check. Can you manage things like that instead of this culture warring?

Why do you pick the absolute dumbest fights to fight?

2024? Just asking.

Your reply just validated the purpose of the chart. Well done Senator [Man facepalming]

Russians paying bounties for American soldiers. Still waiting from some sort of response. Crickets.

Are you following any of this Covid stuff, Senator? How about the economy? What about the Russians paying a bounty for the lives of U.S. soldiers? Maybe you should pick up a newspaper….

Josh you gonna be okay? You’re doing so much hard work on all the important things during this trying time.


Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].