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This afternoon, starting a little before 2:00 p.m. in downtown Warrensburg, Missouri.

“Black Lives Matter”

Warrensburg Police had a relaxed presence with officers at the south end of the demonstration at the intersection of Holden and Pine and officers at the north end of the demonstration on Holden Street. On occasion police vehicles would drive by.

A conversation.

“Black Lives Matter”

A good p0rtion of the crowd wore masks. Some wore gloves. Social distancing was haphazard.

“No justice, no peace”

“End Police Brutality”

“White silence is compliance”

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about what matters”

“Black Lives Matter”


“United Against Racism”

“Justice for George Floyd”

“No justice, no peace”

“I can’t breathe”

“Justice for George Floyd”

One individual, who had been praying on the sidewalk, took to Holden Street. Someone from the crowd held traffic while he prayed.

Praying in the street.

“Black Lives Matter”

“Cop are not above the law”

“Black Lives Matter”

“Black Live Matter” “End Police Brutality”

Writing his name – George Floyd.

This was one of the largest crowds I’ve seen at a demonstration in Warrensburg in a long time. The group was much younger than usual, with a good representation of the older, experienced crowd – the usual suspects.

According to social media posts, after we left the demonstration, the crowd marched to the University and quite a distance around Warrensburg. One social media post estimated the crowd to number between 150 and 200.


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