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“…We are in this for the people that live next door to us…”

Yvonne Reeves-Chong (D), candidate in the 122nd Legislative District – Sedalia, Missouri – January 25, 2020.

Lindsey Simmons, a Democratic Party candidate in the 4th Congressional District, held a campaign meet and greet event, including area and statewide candidates, in Sedalia yesterday evening.

Yvonne Reeves-Chong‘s (D) remarks (audio file edited):

Yvonne Reeves-Chong (D): … The 122nd, we, it’s actually open, but, we aven’t had a Democrat run for that seat since 2006. We ceded the territory. And, I’m going to make a difference, as she mentioned.

I’m running this thing, and I’m running this race, and I’m making them chase me. [applause] Guys, I went up with four by eights [signs] last week. And I’m talking to every single person. I woke up at six thirty, well, I woke up at five thirty. Six thirty this morning I was at the Great Chili Cookoff. [laughter] Because there were four hundred people at the Great Chili Cookoff. Now, I’m strictly a microwave kind of girl. [laughter] So I found some good Democrats that could cook. And we made some dang good chili, came in third. [applause]

But one of the things that happened today that I thought was really interesting, I was in the kitchen because they allowed me to stir, no more. And I was doing stirring duty and one of the other contestants walked over and said, you know, I just took a picture of you and sent it, sent it to my cousin, who is my opponent, because you’re here and he isn’t. [applause]

Everybody’s going to tell you that we can’t win. They’re gonna tell you that this is red territory. And on the surface I think they might be right. It looks kind of red. Until we start talking to people.

What makes the difference? My district is a red district. And every district that we don’t compete in is a red district. [applause]

Last week I held a town hall meeting. I decided we were gonna talk about guns. And I’m a Democrat. And I got a hundred people together in a red district. And I had Moms Demand Justice up here in the front row. And I had the guy over in the back corner, ’cause you know those guys are gonna sit in the back corner. [laughter] Going, your gonna take my gun. And we spent an hour talking. And at the end of that hour we came up with a background check law that every single person in that room agreed to. [applause] We are not going to win on Facebook. We are not going to win by talking to each other in groups like this. And I love doing this. It’s necessary, but it will not win our race. I’m lucky. I have a pretty contained district. And I’m going to talk to every single person. [applause] When we left the gun town hall the guy in the back walked up to me and said, I really hate that you’re a damn Democrat. [laughter] I looked at him and said, gonna break a trend, aren’t I? He said, yep, gimme a big old hug ’cause I gotta vote for you. [applause]…

Yvonne Reeves-Chong (D): …So, I’m gonna be that damn Democrat. And I’m going to talk to people who don’t like me. We are in this for the people that live next door to us. And the people that work at the companies, not just the people that own the companies. [applause]

If I can give you any hint, and we’ve got a lot of candidates here, we’re getting ready to do some really great things this year. We’re aiming for greatness.

And, I, I’m a single parent. Raised my son. And I think he’s great. He’s a pretty successful kid. He’s got his head on straight, um, he’s a pastor, been a pastor for fifteen years. And so I talk to him. You know, ’cause I gotta get my mom strokes in. ‘Cause, obviously, I did a great job. [laughter] And, and I asked him, I said, what could I have done better? Expecting him to say, Mom, you’re the best. And he said, Mom, you did a lot of really terrific things, you gave me voice lessons, and piano lessons, we went to museums, we discussed cultural things, you got me a terrific education. But, you know what, Mom? It would have been easier to be great if you had done one thing. Well, what’s that? He said, Mom, you should have taught me how to make my bed every morning. I said, what? He said, Mom, you see, it’s the little daily things we do tat ease the path to greatness.

It’s not the big things. We’re not gonna win this race on Election Day. We’re gonna win our races by making our beds every morning and talking to the woman at the drive through, or going to talk to the hotel maid, if you’re staying in a hotel overnight. You’re gonna talk to the person at WalMart. We’re gonna door knock, but we’re gonna have real conversations with real, with real people. You’re gonna talk to that neighbor with the Trump sign in his yard. Talk to him. He voted for Trump ’cause he’s mad. And he should be. And if you look at what’s going on in Jeff City right now, furious. So, you strut right past that Trump sign, knock on the door with the Confederate flag. [laughter] Oh, I do. Those are my people. [laughter][applause] Talk to them. That’s really all they’ve asked for, for years. They asked us to please talk to ’em.

So, let’s go make our beds. Let’s do those small things. Every one of us. In every one of these districts…



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