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Judy Baker (D), candidate for 19th Senate District, speaking in Sedalia, Missouri on January 25, 2020.

Lindsey Simmons, a Democratic Party candidate in the 4th Congressional District, held a campaign meet and greet event, including area and statewide candidates, in Sedalia yesterday evening.

Judy Baker‘s (D) remarks (audio file edited):

Judy Baker (D): [….] …So I want to talk tonight about three chronic conditions that Missouri has.

The first one is, we have chronic health system failure. But what that is, is, we’ve talked about Medicaid expansion, it’s largely that. U. Medicaid expansion has two things, two big things going on with it. First of all, this, uh, administration in Missouri has kicked off over a hundred thousand children off of health care. That’s children, people. And then last week they bragged about that because they did that there is more money in the budget. And my opponent [Caleb Rowden (r)] has even said, well, because we have, we were able to do that then, you know, we might be able to give more money to education. Pitting children against their own education. How egregious is that?

Uh, and then secondarily in health care we have the money people have talked about. And I’m gonna give you a number. When we say that we’ve sent our taxpayer dollars to Washington, D.C. and we have not, we have not seen it come back because it’s been going to Illinois, and Kansas, Iowa, uh, because they all took, uh, Medicaid expansion. Even Kansas has worked a deal to do that.

It’s a big number. And it’s with a B. It’s one point eight billion dollars a year that we don’t bring back to Missouri. Every, every, every single report and study that’s been done on Medicaid expansion has shown that state revenues go up, average wage goes up. Who would like a raise? Yeah, all of us would like a raise. Uh, they way to do that is to actually do Medicaid expansion. Chronic health system failure at the hands of the current Republican leadership.

The second is chronic unfairness. Chronic unfairness, both in the country and in our state. Rising inequality, we have the highest inequality in the last fifty years. That means people are working harder and getting less. And people at the top are doing quite well, thank you very much. Less than fifty percent of Americans can even have enough at the end of the month to put anything away in saving accounts. So when they say, oh, well, you know, our 401K is doing okay, most people don’t have a 401K, thank you very much. So, chronic unfairness…

Judy Baker (D): …My opponent has worked against the, uh, Proposition Four minimum wage. So, we have, we have got to do something about that chronic problem.

And then lastly, number three, chronic political disempowerment. You all know what I mean by that, I’m having a lot of shaking heads. It means gerrymandering, it means too much money in politics, it means that one person, one vote has been diluted, particularly in Missouri.

My opponent just reported his numbers for fundraising in the fourth quarter. And it was practically all PAC money. I have real people in my report giving ten and fifty and hundred and fifty and two hundred dollars at a time. And I’m very, very proud of that. We’re not gonna win on having the most money, but we’re gonna win on having the best money. [applause]

Chronic political disempowerment. We are now governing by ballot. Do you all know what I mean by that? Missourians, whatever they want and the legislature won’t give us, which is a lot of things, we have to go to the ballot for. Like minimum wage, raising the minimum wage. Like, right to work, defeating right to work. And having fair labor practices in this state. And Clean Missouri. To get money out of politics, we had to take it to the ballot. And now to have adequate health care for our children and our citizen and our working families, we have to take it to the ballot. Why do we have to do that? Because our representatives don’t represent us anymore. They represent large interests and whoever gives them the most money…

Judy Baker (D): …So, the most important thing that you all want to hear from me tonight is how are we gonna win. Senate 19. What’s my name again? [voices:] “Judy Baker.” Judy Baker. And what’s my district? [voices:] “Senate 19.” Senate 19. It’s Columbia, Booneville, and all those areas around there.

How do we win? We barely lost this seat in 2016. We should have won this one. Tis is our seat and we’re gonna take it back. I have already [applause], yes. How are we gonna win? I already won this seat once. I told you I ran for State Treasurer in that year 2016, when I ran, if you take out just Senate 19 I actually won the district in 2016. And then Claire McCaskill won it in 2018. So, 2020, Judy Baker’s taking it back. [applause]

Clean Missouri, Clean Missouri, where we take money out of politics and we get rid of gerrymandering. Clean Missouri passed in my district, Senate District 19, with seventy-one percent of the vote. I’m telling you, right now, Caleb Rowden (r) has a problem. And that problem’s name is: [voices:] “Judy Baker.” That is right. Judy Baker is coming to get him. The train is coming through and we’re gonna take him down.

And we’re gonna show them what real representation looks like.

I can’t thank you all enough for being here tonight and supporting Democrats.

We have a webite, uh, we could use some funds. Uh, but mostly, I want you to support the host of the party tonight and thank her very much for allowing us to come and be here. [applause]

Last thing. When we win this in November, believe it or not, for Columbia and Booneville in Missouri this will be the first female state senator in those counties. [applause]


Lindsey Simmons (D) – in the 4th Congressional District – Sedalia, Missouri – January 25, 2020 (January 26, 2020)

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