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At noon today at Mill Creek Park next to the 47t Street entrance of the Plaza several hundred individuals participated in a rally and march (through the Plaza) in solidarity with hundreds of similar women’s marches across the country advocating for women’s rights and commemorating the movement and the large 2017 nationwide march.

The crowd was diverse. And they were enthusiastic despite the sub-freezing temperatures and stiff wind.

“Turns out, she was right about everything”

Yes, she is.

“This is my resisting bitch face!”

Carrie Fisher sent me”


“Stand up. Persist.”

“I need feminism because I plan on marrying rich and I can’t do that if my wife is being paid 75 cents on the dollar”

“I’m with her”

“Equal means equal”

“Feminism includes all genders”

“Fuck tRump, and fuck you for voting for him”

“Respect my existence or expect my resistance”

“Babes against bullshit”

“A woman’s place is in the resistance”

“Does this ass make my country look small?”