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Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer (r) [2014 file photo].

Yesterday afternoon:

Blaine Luetkemeyer @RepBlaine
Today I sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Schiff demanding the release of all transcripts from their secret impeachment depositions. Despite promising increased transparency, this investigation continues to happen behind closed doors and completely on Democrats’ terms.
3:36 PM · Nov 7, 2019


There was much hilarity in the responses:

Where have you been?

Many of the transcripts have been released already!!!!

Reading is hard…

Republicans on these committees have access to it all. Whether or not they choose to exercise that right is their call. Maybe you should pen a letter to those who chose to not attend the depositions.

Hmm, did no one tell you about all the transcripts they released this week? You know, the ones your GOP colleagues participated in? I know, a bunch of them blew the depositions off so they could have talking points but we both know BS when we see it, right?

[….]I’ve only seen this identical tweet by like 12 other Republicans. Working yet?

Absolutely, let’s get all the information about Trump’s wrongdoing out in public.

We see what you did there.

They weren’t secret, the GOP members of the intelligence committee were allow into the depositions, which were held in accordance to the congressional rules republicans concocted and passed. Next week everything will be televised and you’ll complain about something else.

So you mean just like every investigation under GOP control except those turned up absolutely nothing of consequence while this one just keeps rolling out result after result after result? Also, transcripts ARE being released, but GOP folks say they won’t read ’em… Which is it?

That’s gaslighting for you.

How secret are they, Blaine? Meadows was tweeting earlier about the deposition he was present for.

Instead of tweeting about the fancy letters you’ve been writing, just ask Mark.

The WH must have threatened to primary you. Perhaps you should share the number of Republican House members involved in these “secret” investigations. Plus, this tweet seems a bit outdated. Transcripts being made public & open hearings beginning soon.

Wow you wrote a letter? Amazing stuff! Should we tune in tomorrow to see you mail the letter!?! I can’t wait the suspense is killing me!

Actually, the next step is a harshly worded memo.

Does it take effort to be this craven and disingenuous and is this a skill you’ve honed over time? Or does it come naturally?

Every time y’all demand stuff, they release it, and then y’all say the incriminating evidence doesn’t matter. Go gaslight your wife and leave us alone.

They’ve released transcripts everyday this week and public hearings are starting next week. So what exactly was the point of your letter?

Ready for the public hearings? I am!

They’re being released but you’re too busy grandstanding to notice.

You are a dollar short and a day late. Maybe you don’t have a television or access to the internet, so I’ll tell you, they been releasing them! You guys are tragic with your ineptness and inability to find a way to defend the indefensible! Find a new lie to cover the old ones.

They are being released. You know this, yet tweet nonsense anyway. You are a sorry excuse for an elected official.

Who in their right mind voted for you?
Seems like you don’t stay up to date with developments.
BTW: Are you bothering to read the transcripts as they are released?

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…