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House Democratic Minority Leader Crystal Quade [2018 file photo].

A statement from Missouri House Democratic Minority Leader Crystal Quade:

House Minority Caucus
Rep. Crystal Quade
Minority Leader


Revelations about health department director unsettling

“The revelation that Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Director Randall Williams used the power of his position to personally track the menstrual periods of Planned Parenthood patients is deeply disturbing. State law requires the health department director to be ‘of recognized character and integrity.’ This unsettling behavior calls into question whether Doctor Williams meets that high standard. Governor Parson must immediately investigate whether patient privacy was compromised or laws broken and determine if this is a person who Missourians can be comfortable having in a position of public trust.”

House Minority Leader Crystal Quade


Tracking menstrual periods. That’s going to go over really well with your average Missourian, don’t you think?


Meanwhile, fighting Gov. Mike Parson’s (r) vision of women’s health care in Missouri (October 29, 2019)