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The early morning Governor’s Ham Breakfast in the second week of the State Fair in Sedalia is the largest annual one day gathering of ostrich skin boots, tailored jeans, and silver decorated leather belts in the State of Missouri.

We’re talking menswear.

It’s an opportunity for us to photograph and (rarely, if ever) talk to a number of Missouri politicians, all in one place at the same time.

This year a number of office holders either skipped the event or managed to avoid the entrance gauntlet. Others made their way through it.

Governor Mike Parson (r).

Right wingnut swag.

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft (r).

A journalist:

Eli Yokley – Morning Consult.

On a break of sorts, though he hasn’t stopped tweeting. We knew Eli way back when…

State Auditor and recently announced gubernatorial candidate Nicole Galloway (D):

State Auditor Nicole Galloway (D).

After covering the breakfast under the tent for 1000 people we ventured on to the State Fair grounds.

An encounter on the main drag:

A blue ribbon in the Home Economics Building:

Getting ready to judge pies:

Judging rabbits in the Poultry/Rabbit Building. Poultry during the first week of the fair, rabbits during the second week:

Various political parties have tents on the main drag promoting their candidates and ideology.

The folks at the Democratic Party tent have noted a consistent number of people this year passing by calling out and yelling “Socialists!” (among other things) at them. Yeah, sure, everyone’s a rabid capitalist until their party leader imposes tariffs to engage in a trade war and then has Congress bail out agricultural interests. We didn’t ask the occupants of the Republican tent if people were consistently yelling “Fascists!” at them. We probably should have.