“…Number one, there is a great deal of interest, uh, in they issue of, not only mass, uh, killings, which has become an epidemic in our country, but people are concerned about the violence and the, uh, the shootings that are taking place, uh, in small and large, uh, towns, uh, all over this nation. And we’ve got to do something about it. And, and in some cases, uh, government, is the problem. Uh, I mean, if, if everybody in, in our state is encouraged to walk around with a conceal weapon, uh, what should we expect other than, uh, an increase in the number of homocides?…”

Yesterday evening on the Penn Valley campus of the Metropolitan Community Colleges Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D) hosted a town hall of sorts on gun violence. The community event included elected officials, law enforcement officials, and leaders of community groups.

Representative Cleaver (D) took questions from the media after the two hour long town hall.

Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D).

Representative Cleaver (D):

…I think that it’s always good for cities around the, uh, country to know that there are other cities, uh, you know, expressing support to them and offering comfort. Uh, and so, I think that, that certainly was, was appropriate. The other was to get people involved, actively involved, involved in doing something. People feel helpless, they know there’s a problem, and they can’t figure out what to do. Well, we gave them some things, uh, to do tonight…

…This could very well be a turning point. I’m, I’m not sure yet…

…What I do know is that the President’s rhetoric is not helpful…


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