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“…I think that America is looking for a President that tells the truth. Because right now we’ve got a guy in the White House that just doesn’t know how to tell the truth. He doesn’t know how to keep a promise…”

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar (D) spoke at the Progress Iowa Corn Feed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Sunday afternoon.

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D) at the Progress Iowa Corn Feed – Cedar Rapid, Iowa – July 14, 2019.

Senator Klobuchar (D):

“…And I’ll make you this promise. When I’m your President I’m the one that’s taken on pharma for over a decade. They think they own Washington with their two lobbyists for every member of Congress? Well, they don’t own me….And we’re going to bring in les expensive drugs from countries that are safe, like Canada. In Minnesota we can see Canada from our porch, all right…”

“…When you look at a foreign country invading our democracy, not with tans, not with missiles, but with cyber attack, no, Mr. President, it’s not a joke. And as your President I will stand with America, right. I will stand with our allies and I will not coddle dictators…”


Progress Iowa Corn Feed – Cedar Rapids, Iowa – July 14, 2019 (July 14, 2019)