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“…I’m running for President because I feel tremendously blessed with the opportunity that I’ve had in life in this country. And I want to make sure that no matter who you are, whether you live in a big city or mall town, no matter what your background is, that you can have those kinds of opportunity too…”

Former HUD Secretary Julián Castro (D) spoke at the Progress Iowa Corn Feed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this afternoon.

Former HUD Secretary Julián Castro (D) at the Progress Iowa Corn Feed – Cedar Rapid, Iowa – July 14, 2019.

Julián Castro (D):

“…And then I said, I actually look forward to a moment earlier in the day when it’s traditional for the incoming resident to usher out the outgoing President. I can just imagine being there on the White House lawn, getting ready to say good bye to Donald Trump and Melania Trump, being there with my wife Erica and our ten year old, Carina, and our four year old, Cristian. You know, the helicopter will be right there in the distance with the door open and ready to go. All of the cameras will be there. And right before he leaves, right before he walks away, I’m going to tell him, ‘Adios’.”


Progress Iowa Corn Feed – Cedar Rapids, Iowa – July 14, 2019 (July 14, 2019)