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The badass on the right.

An annual end of the year tradition continuing at Vagabond Scholar:

Wednesday, December 26, 2018
Jon Swift Roundup 2018
(The Best Posts of the Year, Chosen by the Bloggers Themselves)

It’s a generous opportunity offered by the host at Vagabond Scholar for us here at Show Me Progress, along with many others, to share a favorite post from this year in a compilation with other government/politics bloggers.

And there we are:

Show Me Progress
“Be the badass on the right”
Michael Bersin: “In the late afternoon of June 29, 2018 at a Kansas City rally in support of Muslims, Immigrants, & Refugees a young woman with poster board and a marker took it upon herself to peacefully confront a right wingnut counter protester.”

Go there. Read the compilation.