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A Democrat wins running for an open seat in a legislative district which was previously held by a republican (Gary Cross – term limited out) who was a reliable vote for republican party ideology.

How is that done in a district held by a republican for eight years? Talk to voters. Listen. Knock on doors, a lot of doors. Talk to even more voters. Address their real concerns. Out work the opposition. Repeat. Get out the vote.

Keri Ingle (D) [2018 file photo]

It really worked. The results:

State of Missouri – General Election, November 06, 2018
Unofficial Results

State Representative – District 35
20 of 20 Precincts Reported

Tom Lovell Republican 8,005 46.862%
Keri Ingle Democratic 9,077 53.138%

Total Votes: 17,082

Jackson [County]
Tom Lovell Republican 7,724
Keri Ingle Democratic 7,965

Kansas City
Tom Lovell Republican 281
Keri Ingle Democratic 1,112

That’s how change happens. District by district.


Keri Ingle (D) – 35th Legislative District – retail politics (August 19, 2018)