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Self interest.

Today at the Missouri Ethics Commission for the entity opposed to the CLEAN Missouri ethics reforms on the November ballot:

C180581 10/09/2018 Missourians First Rex Sinquefield 244 Bent Walnut Lane Westphalia MO 65085 The Show Me Institute President 10/9/2018 $200,000.00

[emphasis added]

You’d think he’d spend $10,000,000.00, but then, that would be really ironic.

C180581: Missourians First
Committee Type: Campaign
Po Box 7971
Columbia Mo 65205
Established Date: 08/10/2018

Ballot Measure History
Ballot Measures Election Date Subject Support/Oppose

Amendment 1 11/06/2018

Ballot Title: Shall The Missouri Constitution Be Amended To: •Change Process And Criteria For Redrawing State Legislative Districts During Reapportionment; •Change Limits On Campaign Contributions That Candidates For State Legislature Can Accept From Individuals Or Entities; •Establish A Limit On Gifts That State Legislators, And Their Employees, Can Accept From Paid Lobbyists; •Prohibit State Legislators, And Their Employees, From Serving As Paid Lobbyists For A Period Of Time; •Prohibit Political Fundraising By Candidates For Or Members Of The State Legislature On State Property; And •Require Legislative Records And Proceedings To Be Open To The Public?


[emphasis added]

They’re opposed to ethics reforms. Fancy that.