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The field looks to be getting crowded.

Tony Monetti (r), a 2016 candidate for U.S. Senate who came in (checks Missouri Secretary of State web site)…a distant second – by close to 49 percentage points – in an eleven candidate field, has formed an exploratory committee for running as a republican candidate for Governor in 2020.

At the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C180637: Citizens For Monetti For Governor
Committee Type: Exploratory
Po Box 914
Warrensburg Mo 64093
Established Date: 09/17/2018

And, on social media:

Tony Monetti
September 18 at 5:30 PM
In the moment where I knew I lost the Primary, what I felt was certainly not defeat.
Around the room patriot after patriot stood as one, disappointed but determined. Down but never out.
The movement we built had raised over $500,000, reached millions online, and united 65,000 conservatives under our mission.
I was the current leader but I could never create something like this, not alone.
We united as Americans and in that unity our victory could not be questioned. An election result could never undo what we built.
I had lost, but we had won.
As long as the mission continues, as long as our ideals persist and we stand together, we cannot be defeated.
United as patriots we will free Missouri from the establishment, we will honor our Constitution, and we will bring this country to target.
We will oust the swamp. We will change Missouri politics. It’s already happening.
I deal in actions, so I will always offer you more than words on paper.
I want your mandate to continue to lead this mission, to create a Pro-Conservative, Pro-America, Pro-gun Missouri.
I am launching an exploratory committee for the Governor’s office, and if it is what the people want, I will run!
However, a patriot does not hesitate to defend their country in the face of danger, and Missouri is under siege.
Regardless of whether or not I make my bid for Governor, together we will improve this state.
If approved by you the people, this will be unlike any other campaign in history. Want to learn more? Do you want to join the mission?

“…the mission continues…” Wait, haven’t we heard that somewhere before?


Oh please, make it so (September 17, 2018)