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And that is certainly not a qualification to be Missouri State Auditor. At least in some circles.

There was a debate Friday between State Auditor Nicole Galloway and Saundra McDowell, the republican nominee.

Auditor candidates Galloway, McDowell trade jabs at debate

…Galloway, an accountant, noted McDowell’s personal financial troubles and questioned whether McDowell meets the state requirement that she reside in the state 10 years before seeking the office.

“She’s been sued seven times in the last five years over unpaid bills,’’ said Galloway, who also asserted that McDowell had embellished her record of investigating fraud while she worked in the state attorney general’s office.

McDowell, who’s a lawyer, accused Galloway of failing to investigate some fraud allegations, of being late with audits and ignoring the state’s open-records laws.

“If she’s not a watchdog, she’s just a dog,” McDowell said…

Yeah, that last one sounds brilliant.


About that State Auditor race (August 18, 2018)