Forgive me. I know it’s bad form to post a piece that does nothing more than quote another blog, but, folks, the following summary of the Trumpian process (strategy?) we’ve all been watching is the most succinct version of the real, true, truth that I’ve seen to date:

Print it out and post it on your refrigerator. Memorize it. Coupled with an effort to discredit reliable information resources (Rush Limbaugh, Fox News as pioneers?) that the conservosphere has lovingly built up over many years,  it’s how President Moron  got elected. (Funny how what Trump characterized as American carnage became a rich, powerful country just days after the Russian gambit succeeded in the 2016 election.)

But once enough of us understand the way Trump plays the game, the rules automatically change. It’s a simple if lethal formula and it’s been successfully put in play by much smarter wannabe dictators. However, our guy has evidently only read the “for dummies” version of the playbook.You’re not supposed to telegraph your lies – or contradict them within hours.

But what did you expect? Trump has shown that he’s no genius after all – not even the very stable variety.

Onward to the midterms.