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We just love this photo. Apparently a lot of other people do, too.

The badass on the right. #resist

Over the past ten days or so we’ve covered a variety of events. A town hall on gun violence in Kansas City, Kansas which included students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, and several demonstrations against Donald Trump’s (r) policy of separating immigrant children from their parents and placing them in concentration camps – in downtown Overland Park, Kansas; downtown and on the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri; and in Columbia, Missouri. In the meantime the right wingnut controlled U.S. Supreme Court upheld the latest iteration of Donald Trump’s (r) Muslim travel ban.

On Friday evening we covered a demonstration near the entrance of the Plaza in Kansas City organized by a coalition of Muslim community groups and allies. About 150 people showed up – modest, yet still effective by Kansas City standards. There was the usual Kansas City Police presence.

About an hour into the demonstration a lone Trump supporter, by his flag, showed up. And then later still, a half dozen or so other right wingnuts showed up in matching t-shirts, bearing matching flags and signs, who strutted past the Muslim demonstration.

Checking it out.

A minister engages.

Walking through.

It’s quite simple, really, if you single out a religious minority you’re a bigot. That’s it.

His editor would cut the first line and the fourth line, then call it truth in advertising.

Uh, about that lack of civility…

Diversity fail.

They have Congress, the have the executive branch, and they have the Supreme Court. What makes them so aggrieved that they’d show up to a modest and harmless demonstration like this? That they’re so insecure that they demand absolute fealty to their supreme leader?

Fist bump.

That’s just like Barack and Michelle Obama! Oh, wait….

Sartorial splendor.

Wait, is that guy wearing American flag underpants out in public? Go figure.

Why here? Why now? Why this demonstration and not the others? What was the difference?

Oh, wait…


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