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Speaker Todd Richardson (r) – May 18, 2018.

Speaker Todd Richardson (r) held an end of session press conference immediately after the session adjourned on Friday evening:

In the context of an impending special session to address the possible impeachment of Governor Eric Greitens (r) the House majority press conference was a celebration of cuts to state revenue, insufficient resources for education and higher education, and the continued diminution of workers’ ability to collectively bargain.

At one point, in response to a media question about Eric Greitens’ (r) impact on legislation during the session most in the republican caucus laughed.

The House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight will be getting additional members (up to this point five Republicans and two Democrats) because, in the words of the Speaker. “There’s a whole lot of work to be done…” The Speaker did not respond to the follow up question asking who those additional members would be.


Jefferson City – the end of the regular session – May 18, 2018 (May 19, 2018)