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From the Balloon Juice Lexicon:

High Broderism – Also frequently seen as merely “Broderism.” A fetishistic attachment to bipartisanship for bipartisanship’s sake; reflexive adherence to false equivalencies, regardless of whether what one side says is patently insane. The result of forty years of believing that Dirty Fucking Hippies may be hiding under your bed. Whereby a center-right pundit, often Broder himself, decrees that bipartisanship is a good thing and can be achieved if only everyone would agree with the center-right pundit. For the last ten years or so, High Broderism has been the shorter version of virtually every op-ed from David Broder.

I listened to part of an interview on a cable television news network this evening. The insidious effect of the status quo propaganda on our body politic is a very powerful force and I just witnessed the beginnings of the destruction of what appeared to me just twenty-fours ago as an unstoppable grassroots movement.

Political power is not a precision instrument. When it is held and wielded it must be done so without compromise, with message discipline, with purpose, and with the understanding that it can evaporate quickly.

The raw emotion of a high school student, speaking from notes on a piece of paper, demanding action, not words, was powerful. And brutal.

The NRA and the republican party know that they have eleven days from last Wednesday until the murders in Florida fade from memory. Have you noted their disciplined silence?

Twenty-four hours ago I had some measure of hope. As I watched the interview unfold this evening I kept repeating aloud, “We’re all fucked.”

Tonight in response to a question from a cable news network interviewer asking two high school students if their activism had become a political movement they replied that it was not political and what was needed was “bipartisanship.”

I weep.