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Today at noon at the capitol in Jefferson City the Missouri General Assembly started the 2018 legislative session. Speaker Todd Richardson (r) addressed the House, at different points extolling the virtues of so-called “Right to Work” and praising a republican House member’s persistance in promoting anti-choice legislation. For the most part members in the Democratic minority sat on their hands during the address.

Speaker Todd Richardson (r), presiding over the opening of the session in the House.

Rep. Martha Stevens (D).

Speaker Todd Richardson (r).

Rep. Bruce Franks, Jr. (D).

Speaker Todd Richardson (r) listening to a question from the media at the majority press conference in the House Lounge after the day’s adjournment.

At one point someone in the media at the minority press conference took issue with Minority Floor Leader Gail McCann Beatty’s (D) characterization of the Speaker’s address as partisan. Seriously.

Minority Floor Leader Gail McCann Beatty (D) at the minority press conference in the House Lounge.

Assistant Minority Floor Leader Gina Mitten (D) at the minority press conference in the House Lounge.

Rep. Tracy McCreery (D).

It is apparent that the legislative agendas of the majority and minority parties in the House don’t have much in common. Throw the republican controlled Senate and Governor Eric Greitens (r) into the mix and the prospects for progress look dim.


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