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Guess what? Wanna have a little fun with that pesky liberal down the street? Just take  your gun and wave it around in his/her front yard. Pretend you’re going to shoot out his/her windows while you’re at it. And don’t worry about a law enforcement response. After all,  Poplar Bluff Attorney Daniel Moore has tendered his belief that you’d be within your 2nd amendment rights.

Seems that Moore’s client, Poplar Bluff’ Streets Superintendent, Denis Kearbey, took his “short-barrel shotgun to the clerk’s office on Sept. 12, pumped it several times and asked if the female clerk was scared.”

But hey, Kearbey declared later, after first denying the incident, he was only teasing the clerk about being a liberal – you know, having a little wingnut fun. If a good ol’ boy can’t tease one a them libtards with a potentially lethal weapon, we’ll never MAGA.

Kearbey’s now free on $25,000 bond and has pleaded not guilty, because, why not? In the words of his attorney, the aforementioned Daniel Moore: “Kearbey has a right to carry a firearm and denies any wrongdoing.” Moore added: “Fortunately the Second Amendment gives you quite a bit of protection.”