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Yesterday at the Missouri Ethics Commission for another instantly funded republican state House of Representatives campaign:

C171336 11/22/2017 Sharpe For Rep Gregory Sharpe 22364 St Hwy 156 Ewing MO 63440 Farmer/Seed Sales 11/22/2017 $50,000.00

Grass roots!

Well, isn’t that nice? Couldn’t he have just waited for a right wingnut millionaire funded PAC to kick in the funds? Just asking.

The committee (and candidacy) is new:

C171336: Sharpe For Rep
Committee Type: Candidate
Party Affiliation: Republican
22364 State Highway 156
Ewing Mo 63440
Established Date: 10/27/2017
Gregory Sharpe
22364 State Highway 156
Ewing Mo 63440

[emphasis added]