The Sisters Are Alright: Breaking the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America by Tamara Winfrey Harris

As a white person, I was blissfully unaware of the 3 main stereotypes black women are still fighting against in America: servile Mammy, angry Sapphire, and lascivious Jezebel. I mean, when I hear “Mammy” I think of “Gone With The Wind,” but that’s the past, right? Guess not.

You might think this book sounds depressing – but it’s not! It’s a celebration of what African American wome– from within their own communities and from the country at large.You should ren are and achieve in spite of the stereotypes they are up against ally read it. For real.

Something to ponder: Did a part of the book surprised you? Did you decide that it wasn’t true and if so, why did you not believe it? If you felt it was true, how did it change how you feel about African American women?


When we read, we are free to read the heart of the author and really listen to their stories. We don’t have to agree, disagree, or discuss. We can just experience. When we feel uncomfortable or surprised by something they write, we can think about it and ask ourselves “why?” and discover some of our own bias. Just recognizing it helps us grow. Look for more installments from BlueBee73!