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And no Representative Vicky Hartzler (r), either. It must be that aversion to open public town halls in the district. Or something else not relevant to the every day lives of voters in the 4th Congressional District.

The University of Central Missouri Homecoming parade took place this morning in Warrensburg. It’s not an election year, and, yes, politicians may or may not attend.

Some traditions never change.

The local republican party entries made no mention of Donald Trump this year, or of party affiliation. We wonder why?

The local republicans.

The real chutzpah in the parade usually comes from members of the republican right wingnut majority in the Missouri General Assembly who consistently vote to gut support for public higher education. Yet, they continue to show up to demonstrate their superficial “support” by passing out candy.

Representative Dean Dohrman (r).

The only oblique reference to the moron in the White House came in the form of a tee shirt worn by a Democrat walking in the parade.

“Love trumps hate.”

Wait ’til next year.