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Yesterday I wrote that there was a perception that the demented political pixie, Ed Martin, and Josh “Dudley Do-right” Hawley were jockeying for the Steve Bannon blessing in the Missouri GOP senatorial primary lineup. But I spoke too soon. There’s a new candidate and he’s a doozy. Actually, he’s a doozy’s doozy. His name is Courtland Sykes.

Remember Sykes’ name because you may be hearing it lots in the months to come. If the folks in Missouri are as smart as we hope they are, the name will be the butt of lots of hilarity. If we, however, conform to what I fear is an all-too-possible Missouri outcome, it could be the name of one of our U.S. Senators. In the age of Trump, nothing, no matter how outlandish or stupid, can be counted out. And, don’t forget, President Moron took Missouri with points to spare.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch dubs Sykes a “mystery” candidate because he isn’t a known Missouri political entity (actually, with less than a year’s residence in the state, he may not even be properly called a Missourian). But, as the Post-Dispatch profile itself reveals, there’s not much about Sykes that’s mysterious – other than the motivation for his belief that he should run for office. Read the PD article. It’s straight-up reporting and yet it’s knee-slapping funny. Sykes comes off as a cartoon version of Trump – which is a difficult trick since Trump comes off as a cartoon version of a political leader.

Let me count the ways Sykes rings the Trumpian bell. There’s misogyny, bigotry, and stupidity in one neat”outsider” package. He want’s us to know that he’s manly – he characterizes other politicians as “effete.”According to the PD, he had difficulty answering substantive questions and puffed up his credentials Trump-style to inflate his image. Oh, I almost forgot, he hates swamps too – strange how all the political swamp-dwellers want us to know that they don’t really like swamps.

Sykes is betting that Steve Bannon – with whom he “exchanged pleasantries” during Bannon’s recent visit to Missouri – will find the package irresistible. I’d say that whether or not that proved to be the case could provide a type of intelligence test for Bannon, but, hey, the guy went for Trump – and with a little Russian help propelled him into the presidency, so who knows?

In case you’re wondering, the Post-Dispatch consulted with a political science professor at St. Louis Community College and he responded that he’s 99.9% sure that this candidacy isn’t a big joke – or a Democratic Party prank. That comment says it all.