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In the United State Constitution:

Article VI
….no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

There’s a special election coming up in the 50th Legislative District. This afternoon, from the Executive Director of the Missouri republican Party, attacking the Democratic Party candidate:

Austin Stukins‏ @austinstukins
.@SkeltonFor50 caught spewing communist manifesto. Tried to defend it using the Bible… funny thing is, she’s an agnostic. #blasphemy
4:05 PM – 15 Jul 2017

“Caught”? We never get out of junior high school.

Attacking your political opposition for “spewing” the communist manifesto? Didn’t that kind of language go out with high button shoes? Just asking.

They’re irony challenged, aren’t they?

#blasphemy? Really? Since when did we become a country where it’s accepted practice to question the religious orthodoxy or the religious beliefs of our political opponents?