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We listened to Hillary Shields’ story this afternoon:

Hillary Shields: Okay, so my name is Hillary Shields. I’m an organizer with Indivisible KC. And back in January we started collecting people’s health care stories. We turned them into a hand made scrap book because we wanted to put a human face on how these changes to the health care law would affect people in Missouri.

So, last week I was in Washington, D.C. and I had a chance to share this with Senator [Roy] Blunt. I went to his constituent coffee and I put it right in front of him.

I told him about Izzy. Izzy is nine years old, she’s from Lee’s Summit, and she has cystic fibrosis. He was gonna hit her lifetime coverage cap when she was two years old. She was not going to be able to get any more care. I told, I told him about her because I wanted him to know what these changes would do to his constituents. He listened. He asked me a couple of questions about how Izzy was doing, but he basically walked away from me just as quick as he could. And it kind of said to me I don’t think he’s really paying attention to what’s gonna happen to people in Missouri.

Uh, I had a chance to talk to his, uh, health care, uh, counsel and his chief of staff. Um, I spent about an hour, actually, going through the health care scrap book with them and telling them about the stories in here. And also telling them about my own story.

Um, I have a family member who has serious mental problems. And I told them that when you’re hearing voices the idea that you’re going to maintain continuous insurance coverage the rest of your life is ridiculous. He bounces around from job to job, sometimes he’s insured, sometimes he’s not. But I want a system that will take care of him no matter what.

And I, I think sometimes those personal stories get through more than anything else that you can say. But I still worry that my senator is going to vote against the interests of me and my friends and my family.

So, I hope that looking at this book maybe made some impact on him. I don’t know that it did.


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