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This morning Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D) participated in an open public town hall in Lee’s Summit sponsored by Indivisible KC. Around eighty individuals from the 5th Congressional District attended and participated in the discussion with their questions for Representative Cleaver. The give and take lasted for close to two hours.

Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D) – June 17, 2017.

The discussion was wide-ranging and included the environment in Washington, health care in general, “mean” Trumpcare, Donald Trump and impeachment (it’s not going to happen at this point), the negative impact of repealing the ACA on rural hospitals, the complete lack of transparency in the republican controlled Senate’s health care bill, the environment, climate change, guns, the use of wedge issues to distract voters, the need to invest in public infrastructure, and student loan debt, among others.

Asking a question.



Speaking with constituents.

At the end of the two hours one individual thanked Representative Cleaver for holding this type of open public town hall in his district, unlike others across the state [Roy Blunt (r) anyone?].