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Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill is all over the Internet today. This clip*  – in which McCaskill calls out GOP Senator Orrin Hatch about the shameful effort of Senate Republicans to slip their Obamacare Dump & Dupe bill through the Congress with no Democratic input or public examination – is literally on every progressive blog and on news websites everywhere. And it ought to be.

Our Democratic Senator is doing what she’s good at: plain speaking. And what she’s speaking about is the shameful way that GOP Senators are trying to take away our healthcare. They’re proposing to bring up for a vote a mystery bill, composed in backrooms by a “select” group of rightwingers, schedule no hearings, and offer no chance for our Democratic Senators to offer input. They clearly thought that we’d be so distracted by the Russian president’s road-to-impeachment circus that we’d never notice.

Stop and think about this for a minute. If a political plan or proposal can’t stand the light of day, it’s got to be really bad.

How bad? This article by WaPos Greg Sargent, summarizing what is known or inferred about the bill’s contents, makes it clear that while it may not be the execrable dog’s breakfast thrown up by the House, it still makes for a pretty rotten repast – especially for those of us with preexisting conditions.

Go watch the clip now. Then phone or email Senator McCaskill and thank her for standing up for everyday Missourians.

Then go phone or email Missouri’s GOP Senator Blunt and ask him where he stands – and make it clear that we can make the ground shake for him if he’s willing to go along with the Obamacare repeal-and-replace charade the GOP Senate seems to be trying to engineer

*A transcript of McCaskill’s comments has been entered as a comment – thanks to Michael Bersin.

**1st paragraph edited slightly for clarity