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This afternoon in Parkville, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill (D) held a sixth open public town hall of the week. This unlike the republican members of Missouri’s congressional delegation.

Approximately three hundred individuals packed the chapel on the campus of Park University for the close to hour and a half long event. Like previous town halls held by Senator Mccaskill over the years those in attendance submitted written questions on cards. The cards were placed in a basket and entrusted to an individual in the audience who the senator solicited to select cards at random – the choser’s qualification for their role is that they state they will never consider voting for the senator.

Unlike those attending the 2009 health care town halls this crowd was polite and largely supportive of Senator McCaskill, greeting her with a standing ovation when she took to the stage. It appeared that supporters of Donald Trump’s agenda in attendance at this afternoon’s event could have been counted on the fingers of one of his tiny hands.

After brief opening remarks Senator McCaskill took questions. Energy policy, health care, education, and Social Security were among the issues addressed in the constituent questions.

An organizer for Indivisible outside the venue before the start of the town hall.

Indivisible organizers outside the entrance to the venue distributed “agree” and “disagree” cards.

Filling out a question card.

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) – Parkville, Missouri – April 13, 2017.


On coal.

A full house:


Demand action.

An interview with local television news.

Nope, it was definitely not like 2009.


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