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Mass Resistance Missouri is actively working to influence curriculum in St. Louis Schools. This group is the Missouri chapter of a extensive national group that has been identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit group that monitors hate group activity in the U.S. Normally, I wouldn’t want to drive traffic to the Web page of such a site, but description or excerpts from its content don’t do justice to the hysteria and misinformation that this group is attempting to impose on our local school districts – so go and take a look for yourself.

These folks have convinced themselves that liberals are the tools of the devil, out to seduce their children into Gayitude, promiscuity culminating in abortion after abortion. They “know” beyond any possibility of doubt that they are doing God’s work by fighting the liberal blight. Mass Resistance has been especially concerned with LGBT issues – Gay Straight Alliances in schools are often the focus of their angry attentions, but the Missouri group is also active in promoting a preferred version of sex education, heavy on the abstinence-only, religiously-slanted, and “slut-shaming” rhetoric that is exemplified in its enthusiastic endorsement of and even identification with the Thrive Program, which is prevalent in St. Louis and which I wrote about in an earlier post.

The Mass Resistance Website also urges parents to examine the teaching of English and History in their children’s schools and to ask whether the school library has copies of books that Mass Resistance considers especially insidious, such as, for example, It’s Perfectly Normal , a sex education text book that the American Library Association has identified as a regular contender on its list of frequently banned books. Hint as to why: the book has anatomically correct, naked pictures. And it talks about contraception. And it recognizes that LGBT people exist. All of which gives Mass Resistance types the vapors.

Mass Resistance Missouri, in particular, has a solution to the problem of all this pernicious gay-loving, abortion-promoting evil influence in the schools: Parents who find evidence of any of the foregoing are urged to write or call Attorney General Constitutional Nutjob Josh Hawlely and complain. Tells you a lot about the man we’ve elected to act as the lawyer for the state.

Questioning the influence of this kind of group is particularly important right now – school boards will be replenishing their membership on April 4th when many localities are holding local elections. And school boards hold the keys to what happens in your school district with your children. Even those of us who don’t have children have a stake in this game – poorly educated children become sad, ignorant – and bigoted – adults. Bad information about human sexuality is responsible for much misery and suffering among children and the adults that they eventually become.

As I’m sure you realize, it’s often difficult to learn anything about school board candidates over and above the canned phrases and sentiments they usually include in their profiles – when such profiles are even available. In the St Louis County Parkway district where I live, and which seems to be a special focus of the Missouri chapter of Mass Resistance, I’ve been able to collect four “safe” recommendations for the three empty seats to choose from: vote, I’m told for Kristy Klein Davis, B. Sophia Ford-Glanton, Zach Goldford and Matt Eckerle. Word is that these four candidates respect proven facts and the right to full,unbiased information – which is not, as Mass Resistance Missouri would have it, a strategy for liberal brainwashing. And when I look at their profiles, the goals they describe for their potential tenure is reassuring.

However, I don’t know anything about other districts. I hope concerned parents who don’t want their children subjected to atrocities like the Thrive Program have ways to get information, and I am heartened by discussions I have noticed on Social Media and elsewhere about just these issues. People are waking up to what is at stake and may no longer be willing to hand our children over to hysterical fanatics.

But I’m also worried. We horned, cloven-hoofed liberal devils just don’t seem to be as organized as the Mass Resistance folks. Nor do we have an acolyte in Attorney General’s office. Where’s the Website that warns St. Louisians, for example, about the excesses that organizations like Mass Resistance want to perpetrate in our schools? Where can we get organized information about the issues and the candidates for our school boards, information that goes beyond the usual canned cliches.

Don’t get me wrong. Conservatives have a right to be heard when it comes to the curriculum in the schools our children share just as progressives do. But while school boards have to respect their concerns, they must also be able to keep an open mind and insure that the curriculum is objectively factual and comprehensive and that it is not colored by the religious or political views of any faction. They also have to ensure that our schools are inclusive and that minorities, including LGBT children, are treated with the same respect and concern as other children.

It is a sad fact that such a fair and open curriculum is anathema to groups like Mass Resistance Missouri. It is even sadder that they are actively engaged asserting control in our public schools.

Parents, be vigilant.