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Artist Hugo Kriegel added two more minutes to his worldwide 1440 Clock street art project this past weekend in downtown Warrensburg.

He’s been working on this project for close to ten years. He paints the hour and minute (on a large scale) at the time he starts painting (with permission) in public places, films the process, compresses the film into sixty seconds, then places that minute in its location into a video ribbon that functions as part of a twenty-four hour clock.

Hugo Kriegel [2017 file photo].

The completed minutes in Warrensburg:

F 11, 1/60, ISO 100, 70 mm. Panorama from five images, perspective projection. 09:38, the first Warrensburg minute in the 1440 Clock Project. 110 E. Market St. in Warrensburg, Missouri

F 11, 1/60, ISO 100, 20 mm. Panorama from three images, perspective projection. 13H58, the second Warrensburg minute in the 1440 Clock Project. At the corner of Culton and Washington.

A short documentary on the work in progress:

The 1440 CLOCK Project from Hugo Kriegel.

On Saturday:

Hugo Kriegel (rght) painting 09:38 for the 1440 Clock Project.

On Sunday:

13H58 in Warrensburg – (left to right) Silje, Lisa Schmidt, Jerry Schmidt, Gary Grigsby, Anita Grigsby, Joan Ferguson, and Michael Bersin.
The second Warrensburg minute in the 1440 Clock Project.

The on site preparation for 13H58 started a little after noon, painting started at 1:58 p.m., and finished at 9:30 p.m.

The artist, from France, living in New York; a friend, Norwegian, living and working in Ethiopia, who used her vacation time and flew 38 hours to get to Warrensburg from Addis Ababa to help; and six other people from Warrensburg who thought painting on a wall and filming the process on a hot Sunday afternoon would be kind of fun.

It was.

Hugo Kriegel is my cousin.