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Take a look at the group of well-fed and jubilant white males clustered around Not-my-President Donald Trump in the photo above, posted at #POTUS today. Recognize the face near the right end of the group? Seems like Missouri’s Trump poster boy, Rep. Billy Long (R-7), is breathing the rarefied air of the Oval Office, having been invited to participate in a photo-op with POTUS. Water seeks its own level they say.

According to Politico, Trump wasn’t satisfied with spending nearly eighty minutes yesterday rampaging about the fact that the missteps of his leaking and wobbling administration had been exposed publicly. So he invited in a few of “his earliest supporters” in Congress to commiserate as he “fumed about intelligence community leaks.”

Poor Trump probably needs a few friendly faces after his presser yesterday was widely labeled “unhinged.” (Lot’s more examples out there – just google “Trump” and “unhinged.) Nothing like the love and admiration of friends when times are hard:

[Rep. Chris] Collins said the members were invited into the Oval Office for pictures around the president’s desk. And he said amid broad policy discussions, he also asked the lawmakers what they were hearing from constituents in their districts.

“He wants the real, unfiltered, what’s going on,” Collins said, “not necessarily watching CNN, MSNBC or even Fox. There were 11 of us from 11 different parts of the country able to share with him the responses we’re getting when we’re at the supermarket, when we’re at Home Depot.”

Just imagine. Can’t even trust FOX to get it right. What are things coming to when you gotta get it straight from the supermarket.

I don’t know about you, but it’s been some time since I’ve talked to my Representative in the supermarket or even at Home Depot. I just didn’t know that’s where “the real, unfiltered, what’s going on” was at. Silly me. I thought “what’s going on” might be found in letters and phone calls to one’s congressman, or town halls – to which GOPers seem to be growing averse – a surprising development since they so obviously want to know what we think.

Of course, from what I hear from folks in Long’s district, they can’t even catch him in his office much less the supermarket. Maybe they  should try Las Vegas.