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Representative Tracy McCreery (D) [2017 file photo].

Representative Tracy McCreery (D) [2017 file photo].

It’s a little more difficult for the majority party to stifle legislative debate on social media.

Earlier this week from Governor-elect Eric Greitens (r), via Twitter:


Eric Greitens ‏@EricGreitens
I look forward to signing a complete ban on gifts from lobbyists. Time to end politics as usual.
5:02 PM – 4 Jan 2017

Then, retweeted by Representative Justn Alferman (r):


Justin Alferman ‏@Justinalf
So excited to have a Governor who will engage with the Legislature!
8:27 PM – 5 Jan 2017

And, today, from Representative Tracy McCreery (D):


Tracy McCreery ‏@TracyMcCreery
.@Justinalf Isn’t it going to be awkward when the Greitens administration does not support your bill since it is not a complete ban?
4:06 PM – 8 Jan 2017


They’re counting on no one paying attention.