A relic from 2003-2004.

A relic from 2003-2004.

The Soapblox platform we used from 2007 to 2015 easily enabled registered users and comments, but in that period we really never had a surfeit of comments on the site. Though, sometimes the spammers trying to register as users were a bit much. We managed to keep things under control.

When we switched platforms to this, our present site, it came with a really nifty spam filter – we hardly spend any time dealing with that distraction.

A couple of us who are still here cut our blogging teeth as troll hunters on A list political platforms or blogs. We know what to do.

Back in the dark ages I was a volunteer troll hunter on Howard Dean’s campaign “Forum for America”, and then later, for a while on the Democracy for America successor. The software was pretty neat – you could note a troll working on a comment in real time and then delete their labor in an instant after they posted it. Those were fun days.

In our present environment we’ve noted that we’re getting a slight uptick in right wingnut trollery. It’s easy enough to deal with. We delete troll commentary, for the most part, while it’s still in an approval queue.

Free speech means anyone can start their own blog. The government, for now, can’t interfere in political speech on your own blog. People can choose to read what you write, or not. Probably not. Go ahead, knock yourself out.

Free speech doesn’t mean anyone else has free rein here.