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At the Missouri Ethics Commission:

On November 8, 2016, Missouri voters approved Constitutional Amendment 2 which, among its provisions, imposes campaign contribution limits on certain candidates for state office including statewide offices, legislative offices and judicial offices.
… the effective date is December 8, 2016…
Section 23, subsection 3(1), provides a contribution limit of $2,600 from any person, other than the candidate, to elect individuals to state office for “one” election.

Today at the Missouri Ethics Commission for the Missouri republican establishment:

C000953 12/09/2016 MO REPUBLICAN PARTY David Humphreys PO Box 4050 Joplin MO 64803 TAMKO Building Products Pres and CEO 12/7/2016 $500,000.00

C000953 12/09/2016 MO REPUBLICAN PARTY Herzog Contracting Corp PO Box 1089 St Joseph MO 64502 12/7/2016 $250,000.00

[emphasis added]

Gee, they’ll be able to make the rubble bounce higher.

That’s in under the new campaign contribution limits wire.