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A press release from the University of Central Missouri:

The University of Central Missouri’s Department of Public Safety, in cooperation with the Warrensburg Police Department, has arrested a Johnson County, Mo., man in connection with incidents that occurred during a peaceful protest on campus the evening of Thursday, Nov. 10.  The individual who was arrested today was investigated following reports of separate incidents that involved protesters at a crosswalk at Holden and Clark Street, and at a parking lot near the Multipurpose Building, west of Washington Street.

Regarding the incident near the Multipurpose Building parking lot, Public Safety will seek charges of assault by driving the vehicle in an unsafe manner causing the crowd to fear for their safety, and obstruction of law enforcement by fleeing the scene. Related to the crosswalk incident, a summons is being issued for careless and imprudent driving by accelerating unsafely through a large group of pedestrians in a crosswalk.

Another individual has been questioned regarding menacing behavior in a vehicle that took place near protestors on a campus parking lot, but has not been arrested. Neither of these individuals are university students, but have been banned from campus. No injuries were reported during these incidents.

Public Safety continues to investigate reports related to fireworks in the vicinity of the Speakers Commons area Thursday evening in an effort to interrupt the protest. Anyone who has information should contact Public Safety at 660-543-4123….

“…Neither of these individuals are university students, but have been banned from campus…”


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